DESARDI® COUR Print 410g

DESARDI® COUR Print 410g

DESARDI® COUR Print is an acoustical textile wallcovering with a woven, silky finish that can be digitally printed with Latex & UV-cure inks. This textile wallcovering is acoustically perfect for blocking and absorbing sound. All rooms demonstrate a level of echo or reverb that have an impact on the overall comfort of the residents, DESARDI COUR Print is reducing this reverb significantly and will create a comfortable atmosphere in spaces. The luxurious silky surface has a soft and warm touch and will transform a cold and hollow space into a warm, comfortable and trendy environment.

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Made in Europe


Additional information

Print compatibility

Latex, UV-cure, UV-gel inks


Woven silk


Soft textile




410 gram / 15 oz.

Standard width

1,372 meter / 54"

Standard length

23 meter / 75 ft.

Fire retardancy

B-s1, d0 – according to EN 13501-1


NEN-EN 15102:2007+A1:2011


High-end residential and medium-traffic environments

Acoustical properties

aw 0.15 – according to ISO11654
20% NRC – according to ASTM-C423


Free of PVC, formaldehyde, chlorine, plasticizers, heavy metals and harmful dyes