DESARDI® Classic

DESARDI® Classic is a serie of traditional vinyl wallcovering products with a matte finish in a range of creative textures. The vinyl coated products are available with two different backings depending on the application. DESARDI® Classic is the highest performing digital wallpaper in the marketplace. It is highly durable, washable, flame retardant, and has an excellent image quality. DESARDI® Classic is available with a paper-backing or non-woven base. DESARDI® Classic NW is also Bio-Pruf treated.


DESARDI® Eco is an innovative PVC and Plasticizer free wall covering range for environments demanding green and safe products. The market for PVC-free products is growing. It is easier to recycle and dispose than products containing PVC or plasticizers. This range is designed to offer a more environmentally conscious alternative and consists of wallpapers for various applications.

DESARDI® Walltex

DESARDI® Walltex is a range of high-end, heavy weight vinyl wallcovering products with a fabric-backing. DESARDI® Walltex is Bio-Pruf treated, a technology that provides long lasting antimicrobial protection, making it the perfect choice for hospitals and other wall covering projects.

DESARDI® Acoustic

DESARDI® Acoustic textile wallcoverings are acoustically perfect for blocking and absorbing sound and customizable using Latex and UV-cure print technology.

All rooms demonstrate a level of echo or reverb that have an impact on the overall comfort of the residents, our textile wallcovering is reducing this reverb significantly and will create a comfortable atmosphere in spaces. These acoustical textiles have a soft and warm touch and will transform a cold and hollow space into a warm, comfortable and trendy environment.


DESARDI® by NATURE taps into our connection and fascination with our natural surroundings. Wallcoverings from woven sisal, grass cloth, jute, cork, to bamboo.

Each product being unique and handcrafted from plant-based resources. Perfectly designed to bring natural elegance and authenticity into interiors and to meet specific design visions of architects and designers.