DESARDI® Classic

DESARDI® Classic is a serie of traditional digitally printable vinyl wallcoverings, available in four classic signature textures. These vinyl coated wallcoverings are available with either a cotton (CT) or non-woven (NW) backing.

Our Classic textures are the highest performing digital wallcoverings in the marketplace, making it the perfect choice for hospitality venues and commercial spaces.

It is highly durable, colourfast, scratch and impact resistant, scrubbable, fire-retardant, easy to install, and can be customized through digital printing to fit any space.

Because of the special inkjet receptive coating, colours are vibrant and long-lasting, and the texture of the wallcovering is maintained even after printing.

Whether you are looking for a classic look or something more modern and edgy, our range of textures ensures you will find the perfect match.

DESARDI® Walltex

DESARDI® Walltex is a small collection of digitally printable contract quality vinyl wallcoverings available in a range of textures, with a strong and durable Osnaburg fabric-backing. Available in a small range of textures. The special Osnaburg backing is incredibly durable and can withstand wear and tear over time. The fabric-backing adds an extra layer of stability to the vinyl, making it more resistant to tearing or puncturing.

Additionally, our Walltex range is fire retardant, colourfast, extra scrubbable, scratch and impact resistant, making it the ideal wallcovering solution for hospitality venues and commercial spaces.


DESARDI® Eco is an innovative PVC and Plasticizer free wallpaper range for environments demanding green and safe products. The market for PVC Free products is growing. It is easier to recycle and dispose than products containing PVC or plasticizers. This range is designed to offer a more environmentally conscious alternative and consists of wallpapers for various applications.

Our digitally printable wallpapers without PVC are made from alternative materials, such as non-wovens, natural fibers and cellulose, glass fibre or other materials.

DESARDI® Peel & Stick

DESARDI® Peel & Stick are designed for easy indoor wallpaper applications. The removable adhesive makes easy application and removal possible, making it the ideal sustainable product for the B2C D-I-Y wallpaper market or to use in temporary commercial wall decoration applications.

DESARDI® Textile

DESARDI® Textile is a new, innovative range of digitally printable textile wallcoverings. Focused on high-end residential, hospitality venues and commercial spaces.

The use of textile material in interiors gives a truly luxurious look and feel.