Application instructions

There are different DESARDI® wallcovering products available that each require a different application technique. Always read the instructions carefully before applying the wallpaper.

DESARDI® – Paste-the-Wall method

Use the Paste-The-Wall method when applying DESARDI® Classic, DESARDI® Walltex and DESARDI® Eco materials.

Follow our step-by-step installation guide: Download here.

DESARDI® - Peel & Stick method

The Peel & Stick application method is for DESARDI® self-adhesive wallpaper materials.

Please read our support document carefully: Download here

Applying DESARDI® wallcovering to the ceiling

Customized wallpaper is an easy way to redecorate and customize your interior. Typically wallcovering is applied to walls, but applying it to a ceiling is getting more and more popular. You can match the ceiling to the walls or create a unique and exclusive look.

Preparation and good materials and good workmanship are as always the key to a good final result and a happy customer.

Basic techniques for applying wallcovering to a ceiling or a wall are basically the same. In this document we give some recommendations to achieve the best result.

Follow our step-by-step installation guide. Download here.