Environmental Product Declarations

Responsible purchasing

Please find below the EPDs released by IGI (https://www.igiwallcoverings.org) in February 2018.

These Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are accepted worldwide and cover vinyl wallcoverings on both woven and nonwoven backings.  The development process spanned two years and included participation by wallcovering manufacturers around the world.

The EPDs are industry average, ISO 14025, and third-party certified.  They are recognized for contributing credits in LEED v4’s Material and Resources Credit 2. The EPDs report the industry average data for each of the product types and are calculated by averaging together lifecycle assessment data from the participating manufacturers. These lifecycle assessments follow the wallcovering industry Product Category Rules, and were completed in accordance with ISO 14025 guidelines. The EPDs are authored by Brands and Values, published by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU), and have declaration through IGI – The Global Wallcovering Association.

DESARDI is a brand by Sentec International bv.

Sentec International is a member of IGI – The Global Wallcovering Association.