New: Printable Embossed Nonwoven Wallpaper

New: Printable Embossed Nonwoven Wallpaper
12 June 2023 DESARDI

Introducing our latest developlement in eco-friendly wallpaper solutions: Embossed PVC-free Nonwoven Wallpaper

We are thrilled to present our latest innovation – printable embossed nonwoven wallpaper.

Printable wallpapers that are eco-friendly and PVC-free often lack texture, so we are proud to announce that we have overcome this limitation by introducing innovative nonwoven materials that are not only PVC-free but also boast a captivating embossing. Shown for the first time at the FESPA Global Print Expo 2023 in Munich and received with great interest, we present to you:

These remarkable wallpapers combine all features of a nonwoven wallpaper, but now with texture!

They have been extensively tested and approved for latex, resin, UV-cure and UVgel inks. Rolls are directly available from stock in 1,2 meter width x 50 meter roll length.

Both products are extremely suitable for use in residential environments, but are also a great fit to replace PVC-coated textured wallcoverings in low-to-medium traffic hospitality and commercial areas. It is fire-rated B,s1-d0 according to EN13501, making it safe to use in public buildings.

Beyond the visual appeal of textured wallpaper, our embossed nonwoven wallpaper boasts practical features that ensure a seamless installation process. The nonwoven material is lightweight (180gsm/6.3 oz.), tear-resistant, and breathable, allowing for effortless application and excellent durability. Furthermore, it is designed to be easily removable without damaging the underlying surface, granting you the freedom to change your decor whenever inspiration strikes.

The choice between completely smooth nonwoven wallpaper and embossed nonwoven wallpaper ultimately depends on the desired aesthetic and the atmosphere you want to create in your customized space.
Smooth nonwoven wallpaper offers a clean and versatile look, while embossed nonwoven wallpaper adds texture, depth, and a sense of character to your walls.

If you are interested in knowing more about these materials, please contact us. Samples can be requested via