New Printable Grasscloth

New Printable Grasscloth
24 April 2024 admin

DESARDI has once again expanded its array of wall coverings with the introduction of Textile Sisal and Eco Bamboo, to meet the growing demand in the interior market for natural looking wallcoverings.

While printing on natural grasscloth materials is very popular, it does present certain limitations, such as a maximum width of 91cm (36 inches), resulting in additional seams.

Complementing our successful DESARDI Walltex Grasscloth, a vinyl-coated commercial wallcovering with a natural grasscloth texture, DESARDI introduces two new materials boasting a natural texture. These materials are engineered to be entirely printer-proof, while catering to interior design needs.

DESARDI Textile Sisal

A digitally printable wallcovering featuring a polyester woven sisal texture on a non-woven backing for hassle-free installation.

DESARDI Eco Bamboo

A digitally printable paperweave wallcovering with a non woven backing. It captures the intricately texture of woven bamboo, a perfect fusion of nature inspired beauty and modern wall covering design. 

These two new digitally printable grasscloth wallpapers offer numerous advantages to designers and wallpaper printers over all natural grasscloths, allowing for more effective printing with rolls now measuring 1.37m (54 inches) wide, as opposed to the previous 91cm (36 inches) limit. The wider you can print, the fewer seams are visible. The seams can sometimes be a stumbling block, especially with all natural grasscloth.

Unlike real grasscloth wallpaper, which can be challenging to install due to its delicate nature and tendency to unravel, DESARDI Textile Sisal and DESARDI Eco Bamboo wallcoverings are designed for easier installation, thanks to their nonwoven backing.

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