Back by popular demand: Printable Glass Fibre Wallpaper

Back by popular demand: Printable Glass Fibre Wallpaper
5 January 2022 DESARDI

Back by popular demand: Printable Glass Fibre Wallpaper

Glass fibre wallcovering is making a strong comeback in interior design. It has been used by residential decorators for over 40 years, but now it is gaining popularity in commercial environments due to its strength and robustness. We would like to sum up the reasons why this wallpaper is becoming so popular and tell you more about the unique product characteristics and benefits it offers.

1. Perfect for newly build constructions

Strong and robust.
No growth of bacteria or mold.
Easy to maintain.
Long term value.
Long life cycle with proper care and maintanaince (up to 30 years).

2. Eco-Friendly

DESARDI Eco Glass Fibre Wallpaper is PVC Free. The material can be recycled.

3. Fibre Glass does not burn

DESARDI Eco Glass Fibre does not burn and does not support fire.
Moreover, in case of fire, the wallpaper does not emit harmful substances.

EN 13501 certified – classification B-s1,d0.

4. Easy to Install

Simply place the wallpaper directly onto the wall with no prior preparation needed. The material does not shrink after installing.

5. Prints fantastic

DESARDI Eco Glass Fibre has a special inkjet receptive coating for outstanding print results.

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6. Proven wallpaper for wet & humid areas

DESARDI Eco Glass Fibre is especially intended for the use in wet and damp areas such as bathrooms, shower cabinets, wellness centres, kitchens, and gyms.
When used in combination with a waterproof adhesive system and protective finish it forms a complete and safe solution.

Read the instructions – DESARDI wallcovering in wet areas -here.

DESARDI Eco Glass Fibre is available in a 210 and 265 gram version.

DESARDI Eco Glass Fibre 210 gram is recommended for light-to-medium duty wallcovering installations.
DESARDI Eco Glass Fibre 265 gram is recommended for medium-to-heavy duty wallcovering installations.

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