The importance of texture in wallpaper design

The importance of texture in wallpaper design
6 November 2021 DESARDI

The importance of texture in wallpaper design

Let’s talk about texture in wallpaper design for a minute.

Texture is an amazing element of interior design that is often overlooked but has an amazing ability to elevate digital wallpaper designs in an unimaginable way. Texture creates a certain depth and reflection and makes a design really ‘pop out’. By making use of wallpaper texture, it will become an integral part of the design and adds a powerful dimension to it.

Below we talk about our 10 Classic textures and how it can evelate your designs.

1. Smooth

The Smooth creates a matte surface design that is completely free from any roughness or irregularities.

Its look&feel will be experienced as the touch of “soft skin”.

Smooth textured bright coloured walls or wallpapers enhance brightness in the interior space and make the rooms look bigger and brighter.

It lends a pristine and modern look to the interior space and make other objects in the space look sleek and stylish.

2. Fine

The Fine is a subtle sand-like texture that is soft and slightly raised, which absorbs more light and conveys a sense of warmth.

3. Extra Fine

The Extra Fine is an even more subtle sand-like texture.

It is a bit smoother than the Fine, which will make an interior space feel lighter.

4. Linen

The Linen texture never goes out of style. It is an intriguing texture that will provide an air of luxury.

The linen-fabric look is intimate, yet sophisticated and brights up the interior space immediately.

5. Fine Linen

The Fine Linen texture is more subtle than the standard Linen look.

The texture is more soft and will make the space appear brighter than the classic Linen.

6. Rough

The Rough texture is big and bold and adds a stucco-textured finish to a wall.

Rough or coarse textures lend a warm feeling to a space as they reflect less light.

This texture will make other objects in the environment look and feel rustic and add more weight to them.

7. Leather

Our Leather texture instantly adds a touch of luxury to the surface.

It has a visible grain but feels smooth to the touch. While it is matte finished, it has a very slight sheen to it.

Leather textured wallcovering lend an element of class and exquisiteness to the interior space.

8. Brush

The Brush is a bold texture that helps simulate that the surface is completely brushed by hand.

It adds a lot of complexity to a design from different angles, especially under light.

8. Grated

The Grated texture recreates concrete or plaster wall finishes and have quietly become the preferred choice for high-end home renovations, replacing other options like exposed brick.

8. Fibre

Fibre has a fine fibrous surface that adds a subtle finish that is slightly raised.

The fibers give a natural elegance to the interior space and provides a sense of calmness.


Let us advise you how to use DESARDI textures to elevate your digital wallcovering designs – contact us via

You can request a swatch book to really touch and experience what texture can do to a wallpaper.

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