Trending styles in digital wallpaper printing

Trending styles in digital wallpaper printing
31 March 2021 DESARDI

Trending styles in digital wallpaper printing

Digital wallpaper printing is booming! But what are the most trending styles of this moment?

Read our quick guide below to learn more about the different wallpaper styles that are popular to print digitally.

Patterns – Art Deco

The Art Deco style is bold, elegant anf reflects the image of luxury. It stands out through its geometric shapes largely inspired by the roaring 1920s and the era of The Great Gatsby. This luxury wallpaper builds an elegant theme that offers exceptional style to your bathroom, bedroom, or living room. Try a gold and black art deco wallpaper to create something that has a vintage feel or go contemporary with a wallpaper covered in soft geometric shapes in the latest hues. Art deco wallpaper bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary with options that fit either style with ease. Whether you choose bright patterns or a muted striped wallpaper, it will make for a conversation piece.

© Image Courtesy by Vladila

Textures – Marble

Elegance, luxury, and decadence are just a few of the themes that come through when using marble wallpaper. As a modern wallpaper design, many of them feature gorgeous colours like white, purple, pink, black, blue, and rose gold to complement whatever décor is found in a room. It has the same look and feel as traditional marble but without the expensive price tag attached to it. Marble wallpaper looks exactly like the original material and works well for renovations for less money and a shorter installation process. As one of the trendiest wallpapers in existence right now, marble wallpaper has a classy aesthetic that is sure to keep guests marvelling at your feature walls. It comes in all sorts of colours and designs for the discerning home decorator.

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3. Abstract – Watercolour

Featuring creative and modern designs that are unique and appropriate for a contemporary home, watercolour wallpaper adds a hand-painted element to a bedroom or bathroom. Add a luxury wallpaper created using watercolours to your space to inspire excitement in anyone who views it. These wallpapers come in large scale designs and abstract patterns that will inspire creativity no matter where they are placed. Choose an ombre watercolour wallpaper in teal and blue to create a relaxing bedroom or use painted florals in pastel hues to create an utterly charming nursery. With watercolour wallpaper, you can enjoy an artistic wall covering that brings an abstract pattern across a room. Watercolour wallpaper has a beautiful look and adds a lot of charm and colour to a room.

© Image Courtesy by Vladila

4. World – Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie wallpaper takes inspiration from the decorative art popular in the late 1700s for European architecture, art, and furniture. This unique wallpaper features asymmetrical forms, vast gilding, blue and white motifs, and Chinese figures and patterns among elaborate scenery. Many chinoiserie wallpaper options feature gorgeous whimsical landscapes with design elements like garden vignettes, floral motifs, and birds in flight. Those who want something even more out of this world can choose a chinoiserie wallpaper depicting fire-breathing dragons which symbolise luck and strength. These wallpapers combine Eastern and Western elements in one piece for a contemporary design that never goes out of style. It has non-repeating patterns that catch the eye and will continually offer something new to look at. Beautiful, detailed, and unique, this wallpaper will fit into any room.

© Image Courtesy by Vladila

5. Nature – Botanical & Jungle 

Create a jungle paradise in any room of your home while adding modern style to the space when you choose tropical wallpaper. A unique wallpaper style that comes in vintage and modern versions, it features vibrant colours that can add new life to a living room or office. These wallpapers include tropical leaf designs that add tons of green to a space as well as summer and autumn wallpaper that creates a space perfectly suited for relaxation. Tropical wallpaper can add a sense of exciting energy to a bathroom or bedroom when paired with wicker and whites to round out the aesthetic. You can even choose a green and pink or other multi-coloured topical wallpaper to add a dash of extra colour that transforms a room.

© Image Courtesy by Vladila


Wallpaper designs in combination with DESARDI wallcovering textures

The wallpaper design or style will change a space instantly and will make your walls speak. But it is not only the design that makes the difference. The type of  DESARDI wallcovering that’s chosen for a certain design will also make a real difference.

Let us advise you which DESARDI textures fit each design the best way possible – contact us via

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